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pistachio quality

You wonder...

How do the qualities of pistachios differ?

Pistachio nuts can be divided into different quality groups. These depend on the harvest time (early harvest). The lighter the skin of the pistachio nuts, the higher their grade and value. The taste changes minimally, but is of great importance for further processing! Different qualities are used for different products such as baklava, pistachio rolls, pralines, chocolate and ice cream.


The blanched pistachios are the best pistachios in terms of taste. the intense taste is in for further processing Sausage, Paste & Mash can't be topped.

Green perfect

With max. 5% Rotanteil are pistachios tasty and preferably for processing into baked goods such as Baklava! With the Green Perfect pistachios you will best & tastiest Create baklava specialties!

Green 1 & 2

The quality 1 & 2 pistachios differ in two points. 1. from the red component and 2. on the taste. With max. 40 % have the quality 2 Pistachios have a higher proportion of red than the quality 1 pistachios with max. 20 %. Both pistachio variants are used for the Consumption & processing of pastries, used like baklava as they are a intense taste to have.

Green 3 & 4

The reddish portion of Green 3 (max. 60%) and the Green 4 (max. 80%) Variant highest and changes the flavor of the pistachio to one milder variety and is mainly used for the consumption & processing of pastries such as baklava.

Red Yellowish, Meverdi & Sira

For the further processing of Cookies, Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Ice Cream and other sweet specialists and creations, the Red Yellowish, Mervedi or Sira pistachios are best suited.