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Hazelnut kernels blanched & roasted 13/15 mm (Turkey)

€16,90 / kg

the original from the Turkish Black Sea region
also known as Byzantine king nuts
Versatile, for sweet and savory


General information:

Turkish farmers harvested around 765,000 tons of hazelnuts in 2020. Turkey is thus one of the largest hazelnut producers in the world. The hazelnut is considered brain food! Rich in vitamins E and B, hazelnuts promote nerve and brain health. It also contains essential minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and unsaturated fatty acids.

Nährwertangabenpro 100g
Brennwert [kJ] / [kcal]2979 kJ / 722 kcal
Fett [g]70,10 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren [g]6,20 g

Kohlenhydrate [g] /

davon Zucker [g]

3,10 g

2,61 g

Eiweiß [g]16,50 g
Salz [g]< 0,03 g
Natrium [mg]12 g
Ballaststoffe [g]6,58 g
Transfettsäuren [g]< 0,10 g